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UKA National Course.

18th January 2014

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16/08/2014 - 22/08/2014

There are limited camping spaces available this year so make sure you  book early  to train at Summer School 2014.  

Many thanks and Welcome!

Deciding to start a new martial art is a big decision as is any long term commitment. It can be very daunting for some, and so should not to be taken lightly! But in the same breath it can be a very rewarding change of “lifestyle”, allowing you to meet and make new friends whilst learning something new.

“True heart.....Clear mind”


To Meet l The Spirit | The Way

Aikido (Pronounced “eye- kee-doe”), is a Japanese  Budo (Martial Art) form created by one of the twentieth century’s top Japanese masters Morihei Ueshiba.  

Developed from a combination of traditional sword, spear and empty -hand martial art forms, Aikido is now regarded as a one of the top  most devastating self defensive martial arts.

What is Aikido?

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UKA Course - 18th January 2014

Our winter school this year will be held  in High Wycombe.  Please see the link below for more details

UKA Winter School 8th March 2014

All senior students are requested to attend this course!

Zanshin-Kai Promotions

Well done to those Students who got promoted at Kidderminster.  To see the list, click below!!

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